What would you kill for style?

26 October 2019

I never thought I had a style as I am too fickle and keep trying different things. Recently, since the Inktober challenge, I started drawing in a consistent way and got a few positive comments about my 'style'.

This is probably better than anything I've done before, but then being fickle, I am starting to get bored of drawing in the same 'style' again and again and can't wait for Inktober to be over to try other stuff (such as the shiny new gouache waiting in its box).

This reminds me of the musicians who get very popular making a distinctive kind of music, but then get stuck in their own style and are unable to break out of it, becoming very formulaic and stale. I get bored listening to them. You can imagine they too get bored making those music.

I admired Radiohead for daring to break out of this (in their KidA album), and departing from their then very popular style even though they could alienate a large number of previous fans.

You just have to follow your heart. Don’t let success stop you growing. Most important to keep up the passion, for what is the point of it all if you don’t love what you do?

Perhaps I’ll just wrap it up as a ‘collection ‘ and move on.

[Edited]: Perhaps not yet. I've got a new idea to evolve it further. It still has room to grow. Nevertheless it's good to bear in mind I should never let myself be burdened by my style.

Inktober 2019: 22 Ghost; Dry ink brush on Procreate

Inktober 2019: 22 Ghost

22 Oct 2019

Dry ink brush on Procreate