Day out to Oxford Museum of Natural History

29 August 2018

Owen loves to draw, perhaps as much as I do. We went on a trip to the Natural History Museum where we both did some Urban Sketching.

Every now and then I go on a day trip with My 5 year old son to Oxford without his 2 year old sister. It was nice spending some special time with him, and also quite relaxing not to have to look after a toddler as well.

One of our favourite places to go is the Natural History Museum as he is mad about dinosaurs and wild life.

I would pick myself something to draw, and he would pick himself something to draw. And then we meet up to compare notes. By now he is used to me being engrossed in drawing and is quite good at leaving me alone to finish it.

Owen's urban sketching at Museum of Natural History, Oxford

Here's a drawing Owen did of the Giant Anteater. He's rather good at writing too!

Urban sketching at Museum of Natural History, Oxford

Here's the drawing I did of the African Elephant's skeletons using ballpoint pen.