Privacy Policy

Cookies from Google Analytics

This site uses Google Analytics to collect data about browsing behavior such as the number of visits to the site, which pages users navigate to, where they navigated from, the general location and browser used etc. This data collected is anonymous and not associated with any particular user, and the data will not include Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Google analytics collects:

  • The HTTP request of the user
  • Browser/system information
  • Partial IP address of user (IP Anonymisation is enabled, so the full IP address is never collected)
  • Traffic sources (where did the user click on a link to arrive at this website)
  • Browsing behavior while on this website (what link the user clicks on and how long do they stay on a page)

At present, I am just using this data as a feedback on how the site is doing. This data is not shared with any 3rd party (other than Google), nor is it used for advertising

Other 3rd party cookies

Some pages on this site may use embedded content such as content from Instagram or Youtube. The 3rd party embeds may set their own cookies to display targeted advertising. Where possible I will try to use the no-cookie version (such as YouTube's Privacy-Enhanced Mode) though such options are not always available.

If this bothers you, you could visit this site using an incognito browser tab and end the session after use. Note that if you wish to clear these cookies from your browser, they won't be stored under '' but will be under the 3rd party's domain.

Functional cookies

This site may also use cookies for functionality such as remembering preferences to paging, filtering etc. to make your web experience more pleasant. I haven't yet added these enhancement, but may add them in the future.

Cookies are also used to remember that you have seen the annoying popup notice about cookies so the website can stop bothering you about it!

These cookies do not store Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on your browser nor on the server.

If you are strongly averse to any of the above, you may disable cookies on your browser. The site will probably still function reasonably.